People make the difference.

Our Finance Mgr Lori

Our Finance Mgr Lori

Lori Thompson is the manager of our Finance Department, and with over 15 years of experience in RV Finance, she can get your RV loan approved in a flash. Her relationships with major RV lenders, like Bank of the West, Bank of America, US Bank, and Ally Financial equals great rates, and low payments.  Plus, we work with Credit Unions as well – wherever we can find you the best financing structure.  Lori has the experience and contacts to make the difference for you.

Rates wont always be this good.

Come in today and see just how low the payments are on the RV, Trailer or Toyhauler you’ve always wanted.  All programs we offer are simple interest loans, with no pre-payment fees, no origination fees, and no closing costs.  It is a simple, no hassle process, about as easy as buying a car.

Let Uncle Sam help.

Did you know the interest paid on RV loans is usually tax deductible?  Not too many vacation toys in the world that the government help pay for, so take advantage of it now!

Special Programs

  • Up to 90 days before your first payment.
  • Automatic approval programs with no documentation requirements.
  • Terms up to 20 years

Loan Terms

The term of any loan offered will be adjusted based largely on the buyer’s profile, as well as the down payment available and the age of the vehicle.  Generally speaking, the stronger the buyer’s credit score and history, the longer the term offered.  The same is true for the age of the vehicle, with new vehicles often allowing longer term loans.  Some loan terms will be shortened if the buyer is providing little or no down payment, particularly on higher loan amounts over $100,000.  The table below illustrates standard terms that are typical in the current market:


Term Table

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